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19 Aug 2014 2nd AMO training day - 13 October 2014

Association of Meter Operators Training Day

You are invited to put forward attendees for the second AMO training event.

Date: 13th October 2014

Venue: Gemserv, 8 Fenchurch Place, London, EC3M 4AJ

The day gives a broad overview of the metering market and is ideal for those members of staff who are either new to their respective organisations or the metering industry, or those currently working in either electricity or gas and interested in learning about the other "fuel".

Attached is a detailed agenda of the day.

The sessions will give attendees the opportunity to get up to speed with the metering markets and provide a chance to network with a variety of industry participants.

Cost for the day

AMO Members: £95

Non-Members: £295

If you wish to attend, please complete the attached booking form and return it to

Agenda - AMO training day - 13 October 2014
Booking form - AMO training day - 13 October 2014
14 Aug 2014 AMO is supporting the EUA Utility Metering event on 11th September 2014

The Association of Meter Operators is supporting this year's EUA Utility Metering seminar and will be exhibiting at the event.

Come and visit our stand to find out more about the AMO and its work.

EUA Utility Metering Event flyer
27 Jun 2014 AMO Training Day - save the date

The second AMO training day will be held on Monday, 13th October 2014.

If you are interested in attending the training day, please email


17 Feb 2014 Reverse Running meters

Legislation requires the import meter to accurately measure the import energy to a premise.  In recent years there has been an increase of customers fitting micro-generation which may export onto the distribution network at times of the day.  Some import meters to not respond to this 'export' energy appropriately.  The AMO has prepared this document to describe the issue and identifies some of the aspects that the industry should be mindful.

A list of the meters with known concerns is also published.  Please note the caveats as to the accuracy of this information.

Further information has been published by Ofgem and NMO in Feb 2014. Ofgem website NMO website

A domestic consumer factsheet is downloadable from the consumer pages of the Ofgem website
Reverse Running Meter Document
List of Meters
16 Sep 2013 AMO Guidance - Asbestos during metering activities

Following a series of industry meetings, this guidance has been developed to document the industry developed approaches to managing asbestos encountered during metering activities.

This guidance has been developed to enable participants to incorporate the information into their own company's health, safety and environmental management system. This document does not form a standalone policy. Companies will need to amend or adapt the guidance to suit their own management system. It is for individual companies to ensure that they comply with the law.  If any reader believes any advice in this document is contradictory to legislation, then please highlight the concerns to the author.

Please direct any queries concerning the document to

Asbestos in Metering - Guidance Document
15 Nov 2011 AMO Public Response to the DECC SMICoP Consultation Consultation Response
14 Oct 2011 AMO 2010/11 Year Review

A review of the AMO activities and achievements during the last financial year.

AMO Review 2010/11
28 May 2010 Agreement for Electrical Connections to Gas Meters

The AMO is pleased to announce that following extensive consultation the above document is now available for adoption by meter asset managers and parties that wish to connect AMR equipment to gas meters.   The template is available from the link.  This is a standard, customisable template that we recommend as the basis for bi-lateral agreements between parties when equipment is to be connected to gas meters. The arrangements align with the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) technical standard GM7 and also the AMR service providers' code of practice (ASPCoP).

We hope that companies will move quickly to adopt the new agreement as this will improve the regime for granting and maintaining the relationship between connected parties. This becomes increasingly important as the requirements for energy management and access to metering information will continue to grow. This new form agreement with simplified text can also supersede existing Meter Pulse Utilisation contracts.

The AMO has agreed to undertake a review of operation of the new agreements once they are operations and we hope that you will be able to provide feedback in due course.

May I also take this opportunity to thank the many organisations and individuals who have worked to bring this new agreement to fruition.  If you have any questions please contact me (details below) or Tom Chevalier, Consultant to the AMO, via


Eric Fowler, Chairman, AMO Gas Metering Forum
Final Issue

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