The Association of Meter Operators is the trade association representing it members. The Consultant is employed to assist with achieving the aims. The Association has three main aims:

  • To establish working or best practices amongst Members which benefit members, industry and customers by reducing costs and improving customer service.
  • To provide a forum for exchange of information and to discuss technical, operational or regulatory matters relevant to our Members. There are regular Members meetings supplemented with seminars for specific subjects. A regular bulletin is published which reports industry meetings and issues relevant to Members.
  • The Association represents Members interests in a number of industry forums. This is achieved by direct representation at meetings, responses to consultations and working in co-operation with industry organisations.

Obtaining a Meter Operator
Provision of metering services is a competitive activity provided by electricity Meter Operators and gas Meter Asset Managers. Details of Members and their services can be found on the Members pages.

Competition in metering was introduced for larger customers in the electricity market in 1994. Up until that time all metering work had been performed by regional or national monopolies. As independent Meter Operators entered the market the original metering businesses were separated from their corporate companies. New trading arrangements were introduced to the electricity and gas markets to enable competition in energy supply to develop. The business interests of Meter Operators were found to be different to those of other parties to the trading arrangements. This resulted in metering companies forming the Association to represent their interests in this evolving market. Since the creation of the Association in 1996 it has grown to encompasses all aspects of electricity and gas metering.  In recent years the industry has been considering the benefits of smarter metering for all customers, the Association has been actively involved in debating the necessary changes. 

There are two classes of Membership:

  • Full Membership carries full voting rights. The Membership fees for this class are at two different levels based on the number of meters that the Member manages.
  • Affiliate Membership does not carry voting rights. This category of Membership is for those Members responsible for a very small number of meters, or who are seeking approval as a Meter Operator or Meter Asset Manager.


The Constitution is available by clicking here.
Each year the Members hold an Annual General Meeting in March and a General Meeting in September.  General Meetings discuss major policy issues and specific proposals effecting the metering business, at the AGM a business plan is agreed for the following year. Throughout the year a committee regularly meets to ensure the business plan is delivered.
The Consultant is employed to assist with achieving the policy aims. The Consultant seeks the views of Members on issues throughout the year, either formally or informally through meetings. The Secretary provides secretarial, legal and financial services.

Business Plan
The Business Plan for the year 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014 is available by clicking here.